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Bekele's fiancee laid to rest

Kenenisa BekeleYomi Omogbeja (05/01/2005)

The fiancee of Ethiopia's Olympic 10,000 metres champion Kenenisa Bekele has been buried in her hometown Arsela.

Alem Techale, 18, collapsed and died yesterday of heart attack whilst training with Bekele in Addis Ababa.

Techale, the IAAF world youth 1500m champion from Sherbrooke, Canada in 2003, has been living with Bekele for about a year and was due to marry him in May.

According to eye witnesses, she collapsed as soon as she started running and was immediately rushed to a private clinic for treatment.

But, she was reported to have died on her way to a clinic.

Techale will be remembered for her prowess in the 1500 and 1800 metres at national and international competitions.

Ironically Bekele had in an interview with a local newspaper recently, when asked whether he was afraid of death or not, said: "I am not afraid of death but let's talk about the wedding."

Bekele will, as a result, no longer be taking part in the Edinburgh International Cross Country race on 15 January.

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