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African track and field stars share with you on this page their dreams, update on their preparations and progress as they gets ready for the 2008 season and the road to Beijing Olympics Games.

Bayo Adio (NIGERIA - High Jump), was born in Lagos. He's a Management Information Systems major (with a minor in computer networking) at the Northwest Missouri State university, USA and has just finished his track eligibility with Northwest earning an All American honour by finishing third in the nation.


Rob Caracciolo (EQUATORIAL GUINEA - 3000m S/C), was born in Barcelona, Spain back in 1982. His mother was born in Equatorial Guinea and thus he received their citizenship and competed for them at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Rob grew up all around the world traveling and living in such countries as: Egypt, South Africa and Mali, due to his father's Job at USAID/World Bank.



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